Thursday, September 3, 2009


It is a very exciting time in Colorado for arts education! After over 10 years, the Colorado Department of Education has added a content specialist for the arts! I am honored to serve such an important role in education. I am not only an educator myself but I am also a mother and I believe that the arts are critical to building highly engaged, skillful, creative, innovative and motivated students!

This blog has been developed as one of several modes of communication for arts learning in the state. The best way to promote and develop successful students is by working in partnership for each and every child. I hope you will find this site, as well as other electronic meeting rooms and updates helpful as we begin to craft the very best arts education collaborative for Colorado students.

I will plan to have weekly topics posted here and hope you will find them useful. I hope you will plan to use this blog to contact me for any needs you have. I will often have updates from monthly online meetings and links to meeting rooms and useful resources as a way to interact with all arts supporters in the state.

Please stay tuned and plan to visit often...together we will build incredible opportunities for students!