Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Colorado is in the final weeks of revising all 13 content area standards. This has been a year-long process in three phases involving hundreds of educators, business, and community members. As we finalize this work, we are planning ahead to the next step: disseminating and implementing these revised standards.

In terms of timeline, the standards are scheduled to be presented to the State Board in November and approved in December. The first year of the new Colorado assessment system based on these revised standards is anticipated to be 2012. It seems logical to assume that the first full school year that these new standards would be implemented would be 2011-12.

Given this general timeline, what are your needs to be ready for this first year of implementation? What do you see as short term needs (support in the next 6 months)? Medium term needs (support within the 12 months)? Long term needs (support in 18 months and beyond)?

Your input will directly inform our thinking and planning for disseminating and implementing standards. Please give your ideas, build on one another's thoughts, and help CDE help you.

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